E Moultrie Trail-The Jungle

You can enter “The Jungle” through an easily discerned opening about 1.4 miles south of the Henderson Guerry Landing. A paddle of about one mile to the north of the “The Jungle” will bring you to the black water canal that parallels the dike. “The Jungle” is an enclosed Tupelo swamp presenting an appearance much like the famed Okefenokee Swamp of Georgia, albeit on a smaller scale. The Jungle offers paddlers anywhere… Read More

The Duckpond

The area of Lake Moultrie known as the Duckpond is best accessed from the Fred Day Landing. Upon entering the lake proper from the landing, turn right and paddle in a southerly direction along the shoreline. The Duckpond will be about a half mile on your right. The initial large enclosed bay opens onto a somewhat smaller area of cypress swamp which contains abundant plant life, cypress trees and grasses and is home for numerous wading birds as well… Read More

Santee River-Highway 52

The access point for the Highway 52 – Santee River trail is the Santee River Landing on Highway 52, adjacent to the Highway 52 Bridge on the Williamsburg County side of the river. The ending point is the Arrowhead Landing, which is accessed on Arrowhead Landing Road off of Highway 45, east of Saint Stephen. It will be necessary to pre-position a vehicle at Arrowhead Landing or to arrange for pickup at… Read More

Santee River-Arrowhead Landing

The Arrowhead – Santee River trail begins at Arrowhead Landing on the Rediversion Canal off of Highway 45, east of Saint Stephen. The 16 mile trail ends at Jamestown Landing adjacent to the Highway 41 Bridge. While there are no notable landmarks along this trail, it does offer numerous sand bars and small islands suitable for lunch and rest spots. Wildlife along the trail consists of numerous wading birds, such as the American… Read More

Santee River-Jamestown

The Jamestown section of the Santee River begins at the Highway 41 Bridge, about one and one half miles from the intersection of Highway 41 and US 17 Alternate. A suitable takeout would be McConnell’s Landing about 9 and one half miles downstream. It will be necessary to position a vehicle at McConnell’s Landing or to make arrangements for someone to pick you up at that location. The Jamestown section of the… Read More

Goose Creek Reservoir

The Goose Creek Reservoir is a 600 acre impoundment located in lower Berkeley County. It can be accessed at the John R. Bettis Landing off of Mabeline Road adjacent to the Trident Technical College campus on Rivers Avenue. At the end of Mabeline Road, turn right and continue one block to the Hanahan Ball Field. The John R. Bettis Landing is located adjacent to the ball field. It is a paved landing… Read More

Wadboo Creek-Lower Wadboo

The lower section of the Wadboo Creek extends from the Rembert C. Dennis Landing on Highway 402 to the Tailrace Canal. The tides are approximately two and half to three hours behind Charleston Harbor tides.  The lower section of the Wadboo Creek is generally of a swampy nature, with much cypress and some tupelo growth evident. You will see a number of inlets into the creek from rice farming, which was once common… Read More

Bushy Park Foster Creek

Foster Creek is a tidal creek at the extreme southern end of the Back River section of the Cooper River. It is accessed from the freshwater side of the Bushy Park Landing and is located just over one-half of a mile north of the landing on the left bank. The tides are approximately three hours behind Charleston Harbor tides.  The Foster Creek Trail meanders through the Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek. The… Read More

Old Santee Canal Park

Old Santee Canal Image

Old Santee Canal Park is adjacent to the Tailrace Canal, about a mile below the US 17 Alternate Bridge. It is accessed by taking Stoney Landing Road from Rembert Dennis Boulevard. The park is at the end of Stony Landing Road and is visibly marked with signage. This paddle trail is entirely within the boundary of the Old Santee Canal Park and consists of a three mile loop on Biggin Creek, including… Read More

N Moultrie Trail-Russellville Flats

Located between Sandy Beach and Amos Lee Gourdine Landing, Russellville Flats – North Moultrie offers some picturesque paddling opportunities. Russellville Flats encompasses several islands, two swamps, many shallow bays, and a way ditch back to the black water canal that parallels the dike system. This section of the northern part of Lake Moultrie varies from heavily forested high ground to sparse cypress swamp with several types of flowering water lilies. Alligators, whitetail… Read More