North Lake Moultrie Trail: Russellville Flats — Rated: Moderate, 5-7 Miles

Located between Sandy Beach and Amos Lee Gourdine Landing, Russellville Flats – North Moultrie offers some picturesque paddling opportunities.

About the Trail

Russellville Flats encompasses several islands, two swamps, many shallow bays, and a way ditch back to the black water canal that parallels the dike system. This section of the northern part of Lake Moultrie varies from heavily forested high ground to sparse cypress swamp with several types of flowering water lilies. Alligators, whitetail deer, numerous species of small game and wading birds, and songbirds can be seen in the area.
For the paddling fisherman, this area also offers some of the best fishing of bluegill and red-eared sunfish (shell cracker) found anywhere. In fact, the current world record catch of red-eared sunfish of 5 pounds 7.5 ounces was caught in this lake very near to this trail.

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North Moultrie Trail
North Moultrie Trail Aerial
North Moultrie Trail-Russellville Flats Section
North Moultrie Trail-Russellville Flats Section Aerial
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