East Lake Moultrie Trail: Dennis’s Pasture — Rated: Easy, 4-6 Miles

Dennis’s Pasture – North Moultrie, also known as the “Cow Pasture,” encompasses the areas between Bonneau Beach and “The Jungle.”

About the Trail

Dennis’s Pasture – North Moultrie consists of numerous small islands and open bays of varying depths and vegetation. It is fairly unique in that its density of islands and cypress groves offers good wind protection from most directions. This area can provide a pleasant day of paddling under conditions that would be prohibitive over much of Lake Moultrie. You can easily spend a full day paddling the various bays, way ditch and canal. In addition to a wide diversity of plant and wildlife, Dennis’s Pasture – North Moultrie is a very popular spot for the much sought after largemouth bass.

Photo Gallery

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East Moultrie Trail
East Moultrie Trail Aerial
East Moultrie Trail-Dennis’s Pasture Section
East Moultrie Trail-Dennis’s Pasture Section Aerial
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