# 8 Duckpond: W. Lake Moultrie — Rated: Easy, 2.5-3 Miles

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Summary:  The area of Lake Moultrie known as the Duckpond is a large enclosed bay that opens to a smaller area of a cypress swamp that contains abundant wildlife, cypress and tupelo trees, and tall grasses. It is home to numerous wading birds, as well as large osprey and bald eagles. About midway between the boat ramp and the Duckpond is a nice sandy beach that can even be used for primitive camping!  


Difficulty:  Easy

Distance:  2.5 – 3 miles, roundtrip, varies based on exploration

Time:  1.5 – 2.5 hours

Crowds:  Moderate. The area can be popular with anglers.

Boat Type:  Kayaks or canoes 10 feet or longer. Paddle boards are not recommended.

Put In / Take Out:  Fred L. Day Boat Ramp, Boat Landing Way, Cross, SC 29436. GPS: 33.295429, -80.156345 or 33°17’43.5”N, 80°09’22.8”W

Fees/Permits:  None

Current:  Negligible, generally south direction

Tidal Influence:  None

Precautions:  You’ll have protection from some winds once you reach the Duckpond, however, if winds are above 10 MPH expect some waves and whitecaps on the paddle to the area. There are many of tree stumps just inches below the water’s surface. These can flip a paddler if a boat gets wedged on top. Tip: these stumps can usually be seen with polarized sunglasses.

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