Spiers Landing

Spiers Landing is accessed by turning off of Highway 6 one half of a mile west of the Cross Fire Department #2 onto Spiers Landing Road. The paved launching facility is part of a Berkeley County Park that offers plenty of parking and easy launching. As the map of the trail shows, there are numerous islands to paddle around, as well as several miles of inviting shoreline.



About the Trail

With Spiers Landing, one can easily paddle a half of a day, a full day or spend an overnight on one of the islands without becoming bored or seeing it all. The cypress shoreline to the south of the landing provides excellent fishing opportunities for bluegills and red-eared sunfish. Numerous ospreys can be seen nesting in the area as well as an assortment of wading birds and the occasional alligator sunning on the sandy beaches. Many of the islands offer several small beaches and clear high ground for camping.  As always, please ensure you leave the areas you visit as you found them – taking all that you brought with you and leaving only footprints.



The closest lodging facility to the Spiers Landing trails is the Cross/Santee Cooper KOA.

Zoom in on map to see more lodging.


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