# 23 Spiers Landing / Church Island — Rated: Easy to Moderate, 3-5+ Miles

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Summary:  Spiers Landing is on Lake Marion and part of a Berkeley County Park by the same name. There are numerous islands as well as several miles of interesting shoreline to explore. For the purposes of this guide, we will focus on Church Island. The island has a 160+ year old cemetery with many Confederate soldiers buried there.


Difficulty:  Easy to Moderate

Distance:  3 – 5+ miles, best suited as exploration

Time:  2 – 3 hours

Crowds:  Can vary from light to heavy depending on motor boat traffic.

Boat Type:  Kayaks or canoes 12-feet or longer. Even though paddle boards are not officially recommended, they are found here often in the summer.

Put In / Take Out:  Spiers Landing Boat Ramp, 1505 Spiers Landing Road, Cross, SC 29436.  GPS: 33.395937, -80.197160 or  33°23’45.4”N, 80°11’49.8”W. Directions: If you search “Spiers Landing Boat Ramp,” all GPS mapping applications recognize this location.

Fees/Permits:  None

Current:  If you get out into the open water, east of the islands, there could be a small current in the south direction.

Tidal Influence:  None.

Precautions:  You’ll have protection from some winds with the islands, however, there are plenty of open spaces in Lake Marion where winds can intensify resulting in waves/whitecaps.


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