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Old Santee Canal Park

Old Santee Canal Park is adjacent to the Tailrace Canal, about a mile below the US 17 Alternate Bridge. It is accessed by taking Stoney Landing Road from Rembert Dennis Boulevard. The park is at the end of Stony Landing Road and is visibly marked with signage.


About the Trail

This paddle trail is entirely within the boundary of the Old Santee Canal Park and consists of a three mile loop on Biggin Creek, including a portion of the original Santee Canal. While the paddle trail is well suited for paddles of all experience, the trail presents an excellent opportunity for beginning paddlers to enjoy a pleasant afternoon of paddling. Rental canoes may be used for a modest fee at the park. The area is primarily forested with cypress trees, has several species of flowering water plants and provides a home for many wading birds. It is recommended that paddlers bring and utilize sunscreen and drinking water. Current pricing and additional information about the park can be found at www.oldsanteecanalpark.org.



There are many great fishing camps near the Old Santee Canal Park. Hill’s Landing, Canal Lakes Fish Camp, and Harry’s Fish Camp all offer unique experiences for lodging for travelers.

Zoom in on map to see more lodging.



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