Goose Creek Reservoir — Rated: Easy to Moderate, Varies, 2-5+ Miles

The Goose Creek Reservoir is a 600 acre impoundment located in lower Berkeley County. It can be accessed at the John R. Bettis Landing off of Mabeline Road adjacent to the Trident Technical College campus on Rivers Avenue. At the end of Mabeline Road, turn right and continue one block to the Hanahan Ball Field. The John R. Bettis Landing is located adjacent to the ball field. It is a paved landing with double-launching ramps and a dock and has ample parking available.

About the Trail

Upon leaving the launching ramp, a short paddle to your right will bring you to the dam that separates the impoundment from the Goose Creek tidal flow. The area between the landing to the dam provides an excellent fishery for bluegills and speckled perch. You will often find boats fishing in this area. The reservoir extends 4 miles from the dam north where it passes under NAD Road, almost to Highway 52 at the Goose Creek city limits. While the south end of the reservoir is mostly open marsh lands, the north end of the impoundment has a significant amount of high ground and housing. About a half mile above the landing on the eastern shore you will come to an area of small trees that provide nesting for a large rookery of snowy egrets and white ibis in season. A little patience can result in some excellent photographs of these beautiful wading birds. In recent years, the reservoir was heavily clogged with floating water hyacinth and other aquatic plants. Recent efforts have greatly reduced the problem, and it will not interfere with your paddle trip. Throughout the reservoir, you will see many wading birds and small alligators.
Because the reservoir is generally an open body of water, it offers very little protection from winds. If the winds are excessive it should not be attempted by inexperienced paddlers.

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