Arrowhead – Santee River

The Arrowhead – Santee River trail begins at Arrowhead Landing on the Rediversion Canal off of Highway 45, east of Saint Stephen. The 16 mile trail ends at Jamestown Landing adjacent to the Highway 41 Bridge.


About the Trail

While there are no notable landmarks along this trail, it does offer numerous sand bars and small islands suitable for lunch and rest spots. Wildlife along the trail consists of numerous wading birds, such as the American egret and the blue heron. Water levels and currents can vary considerably on the Arrowhead section of the Santee River, depending on releases from the Saint Stephen’s Hydro Plant. While it is unexpected that problems would be encountered with increased water levels or current, campers should be aware that the waters can come up quickly and inundate camp sites with little warning. It is recommended that campers tie off their crafts and locate their tents on higher ground near the high water marks.

A leisurely trip covering this entire section should take 7 to 8 hours. Due to heat and restricted air flow in the heavily forested river corridor, this trip is best accomplished in spring or fall rather than during the heat of summer. It is recommended that you contact the following toll free number at Santee Cooper for current and projected conditions: 1-800-925-2537.

Be advised that cell phone coverage is poor in this area. You should obtain the current condition information prior to starting your trip. It will be necessary to position a vehicle at the Jamestown Landing or to arrange for pickup upon completion of your trip.


About the Trail

The closest lodging facility to the Arrowhead trail is the Arrow Head Motel & Campground.

Zoom in on map to see more lodging. 


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