The Jungle – North Moultrie

You can enter “The Jungle” through an easily discerned opening about 1.4 miles south of the Henderson Guerry Landing. A paddle of about one mile to the north of the “The Jungle” will bring you to the black water canal that parallels the dike.


About the Trail

“The Jungle” is an enclosed Tupelo swamp presenting an appearance much like the famed Okefenokee Swamp of Georgia, albeit on a smaller scale. The Jungle offers paddlers anywhere from a few hours to a full day of pleasant diversion with little chance of losing your way. The primary forestation in these waters is Tupelo, with some cypress growth near the forested boundaries. The waters themselves are heavily grown with fragrant water lilies, in season, as well as lotus plants and various grasses – providing excellent habitat for summer ducks and numerous wading birds.


The Econo Lodge is the closest lodging facility to The Jungle – North Moultrie for the public. Also nearby and available for lodging to current and former members of the United States Navy is the United States Navy Recreation Center.

Zoom in on map to see more lodging. 


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